Privacy Policy

By clicking ("Start Making Money NOW" of the 1st step) you are giving us permission to send you email marketing messages about the software and important updates of our terms of service.

We care about protecting your privacy and have implemented the best practices in the industry to make sure your details is not misused. To provide our services, we need to collect some basic information about you such as Email, Phone, Name etc. The entire data is not kept on our end, we process it using 3rd party solutions assuring the best service to your needs.

You control whether we use your data and can opt-out at any time here.

To help you better understand how and why we collect your personal data please see the summary below:

What’s collected

  • We collect from you: Name, Email, Phone and password on our registration forms on this site.
  • How will the information be used?
  • We send your data to 3rd party solutions to create your account for using their services. We collect user information via “cookies” further explained in this policy. Cookies are used for improved user experience and for distributing relevant materials and ads in the future.
  • How long will the data be stored for?
  • We do not store your details except Email and Name needed so to provide support and send you marketing emails. We store your email and name for 12 months unless you opt-out. You can always opt-out by submitting your email address here.
  • How we secure your data transmission?
  • We collect a password provided by you and we understand this is a sensitive information. That is why we applied an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that ensures your data is encrypted. We do not store your password and delete it immediately after processing.

3rd parties we send your information to are Online Trading companies. They have their own privacy policies and it is your responsibility to be acquainted with them.